About Us

Shust Brothers Limited – est. 2018

I’m Nich Shust the founder of Shust Brothers Limited and the middle brother of three in the Shust Crew. The idea for Shust Bros. Ltd. came when I was working for my father, he owned a remodelig compay that was established about 20 years ago. I had worked for him for a while and he never really saw any growth, never grew his crew never took on more. So we started working together and dedicating his company to certain strategies and after 9 months of us working together he had a crew of 8 guys and an office team of 3. Since then I have been working with business owners in helping them get their company goals back on track. Taking time to manage the areas of the business that small business owners don’t have the time to do. So after watching my parents fight entrepeneurship as well as other friends. I have dedicated my time to helping small business owners in the Tulsa area grow and accomplish goals that have been forgotten overtime or put on hold because it was time to work. Good news! Shust Brothers Limited is going to help you get the results you want for your business! Get in contact with us today! I make a point to make sure that as a business owner you are taking charge of your Business, of your life, and of your future! Be Ferocious about your business!

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